English Lavender Vs French Lavender

English Lavender Vs French Lavender. One major difference between english and french lavender is that the english variety does well in cold climates while french lavender doesn’t like cold weather. These names are often mixed up, since english lavender is native to france, french lavender is native to spain, california lavender originates in the canary islands, and spanish lavender is found growing in the atlas mountains of morocco.

French Vs. English Lavender - How Are French And English Lavender Different
French Vs. English Lavender – How Are French And English Lavender Different from www.gardeningknowhow.com

One of the favorite uses of lavender is as a low, informal hedge, with heights ranging from 2 to 4 feet. Abrialii was a mainstay of the french industry until 1970s when it was ravaged by a disease. Grosso, provence, giant hidcote, phenomenal) are a cross between the english lavender and spike lavender varieties.

English Lavenders ( Lavandula Angustifolia) And French Lavenders ( Lavandula Stoechas) Are Two Species Of The Same Plant.

Spanish lavender has showier flower spikes than french lavender and their leaves are not scalloped but straight like english lavender. Helen tells you more about each variety in our video.lavenders: English lavender is the smaller of the two, which makes them ideal for lining garden beds and pathways.

English Lavender Can Generally Be Categorized As All Lavandula Angustifolia Plants.

The odor of french lavender is fine and includes a scent like that of rosemary. While all types of lavender have strong similarities, they also have big differences. Lavandula dentata in the rest of the world (united states, new zealand, australia…) on the other hand, in the english language, english lavender is always lavandula.

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Garden Design Says The Ideal Usda Zones For English Lavender Are 5 Through 8, And, For French Lavender, 8 Through 11.

The difference between french and english lavender is that english lavender is cold hardy and lives much longer (up to 15. English lavender has a stronger fragrance and a longer lasting aroma that pervades the air, so if you’re looking for the famous lavender smell, this variety would be a good choice. English lavender is smaller and can grow up to 2 feet.

Specifically, French Lavender Spreads Out—Typically Growing To About Two Or Three Feet In Width And Height—While English Lavender Remains Relatively Compact In.

French lavender is taller and wider, giving it more of a striking visual presence. According to the old farmer’s. The color is generally deeper.

Also, English Lavender Lives Up To 15 Years While French Lavender Only Lives To About 5 Years.

French lavender is relatively less hardier and can survive up to zone 8. The differences between french and english lavender. It is a great choice for hedging, topiary work and for training as a standard.

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